About campaigning and lobbying

Some campaigns will work to achieve improvements for the general public, others will aim to benefit a particular group or change attitudes or behaviours. Some campaigns last for years and involve lots of planning, others will respond quickly to a particular need or activity. Campaigns may involve beneficiaries or partners and communicating with supporters using new tools. This section introduces all these aspects of campaigning and lobbying. What is campaigning? Definitions and types of campaigning to influence policy and behaviour change. Starting out How to select your issue and introducting the campaigns cycle Campaigning in partnership How and when to campaign in partnership with other organisations. New media campaigning How to use new media (blogs, Twitter, social networking) in your charity campaigns and why you should be doing it. How is policy formulated Explores the three stages of how policy is formulated – from initiation, formulation to implementation – and how to influence them. Further help and advice Why not try the KnowHow “Public Relations” e-learning training course?

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