Basics on managing change

Change happens. Managing change is when you proactively make the most of changes to benefit your organization. This section of KnowHow NonProfit aims to provide the very best in change management  approaches, tools and frameworks to help you do this.  What is managing change? An explanation of change management in non profit organisations and some change management tools. Understanding the change Understanding organisational change in non profit organisations is key to dealing with it effectively and making the most of opportunities that arise. Individual reactions to change Everybody has different reactions and responses to change – so how does the busy team manager keep everyone on board? Leading change Advice on how to guide your non profit or charitable organisation through times of change. Five steps to successful change Need an instant guide to change? Here is a quick summary of essential change management strategy in five steps that will keep you on the right track. Tips for making change easier Top tips on how best to approach, manage and deal with change in your non profit organisation.

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