Black History Month 2014 Special Edition: Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speaks at Our History for Tomorrow Event

Black History Month 2014 was a special year of broad range of activities organised by Croydon BME Forum, its members, partners and other organisations in Croydon. The theme for the Year is Croydon celebrates Black History Month- History for Tomorrow.

TEd1his year, the Labour leader, Ed Miliband was the keynote speaker at our annual lecture.

The event was organised in collaboration with our partner Operation Black Vote and which was represented at the event by the Chief Executive Mr Simon Woolley.Ed3

In attendance were from St Marys High School and Croydon College.

Black History month nationally, a month when we celebrate Black History by:

• Remembering people, places and events from the African Diaspora that have made a historical impact;
• Also by profiling the communities through stories, festivals, arts and cultures to enhance cultural understanding and appreciation.

This year we, in partnership with the team at Croydon Council we chose the theme, History for Tomorrow focusing on those who are making history today and in particular – Young People.


At the beginning of October we launched Black History Month and two of our speakers at the event were inspirational Young People who are also here with us today (24/10/2014), Javell Nelson – winner of the 2013 Croydon Civic Award volunteer of the year & Amber McClery our very own Croydon inventor – founder of copper clothing, exploring the use of copper in reducing infect.

IMG_3620 Ed6

This year in Croydon we also have a mayor and deputy mayor from the BME communities.
Croydon BME Forum held a reception to mark the mayoral year of Cllr Manju Shahul Hammed the mayor of Croydon and the deputy mayor Cllr Patricia Hay Justice.

Ed Miliband’s visit was the highlight of 2014 Black History Month in Croydon and it is a day about celebration positivity and empowerment; focusing on importance of leadership, particularly how we can build leadership amongst young people.

Ed Miliband Grouped

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