Considering your direction and impact

Consideration of the difference your organisation will make should be at the heart of strategic planning. It will enable you to: imagine the best possible future and keep this at the heart of your planning plot a strategy that is focussed on delivering impact set an agenda for change measure progress against outcomes that express the difference you want to make. Useful links Take a look at this Harvard Business review article Delivering on the promise of nonprofits (PDF) which suggests a helpful framework for developing a results-based strategy. More resources and signposts can be found in our Governance area. NfP Synergy’s research in 2006 looked into over 100 voluntary and community organisation mission and vision statements. This is great reading if you want to be inspired! If you want an overview of how to set direction, along with guidance on using some of the tools and templates, why not look at the introduction to the Direction guide that forms one of the seven Tools for Success published by Cass CCE in November 2008.  You will be able to download the guide itself as a pdf as well as explore the other tools in this exciting toolkit.

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