Croydon Launch’s Annual Public Health Report


Reducing inequalities between different parts of the borough is the focus of this year’s annual public health report. The report takes a close look at how communities in New Addington and Fieldway are tackling the health issues that affect Croydon as a whole. It holds the two areas up as examples of places where lessons can be learned elsewhere in the borough.

In an easy-to-read magazine-style format, the report is packed with stories about community initiatives in New Addington and Fieldway, where residents are working together to make the areas better and healthier places to live. The report explores how the six key areas of economy, lifestyle, genes and ethnicity, social networks, health and social services, and housing and local neighbourhoods all have an impact on people’s health.

You can download the full  report using the link below

London Borough of Croydon : Annual Public Health Report.

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