Developing effective teams

Effective team work is key to the successful operation of your organisation and a strong team will make it through the hard times that may lie ahead. In this section will help you understand how teams work and how you can make the most of yours.  Understanding teams Effective teams – ‘building blocks’ of high performing teams and how to develop these in your organisation. Team roles – who takes what role in your team and what can you learn from this? Team leadership – leadership styles and things to think about when developing the skills of a team leader. Stages of team development – an understanding of group dynamics can help you lead your team through its stages of development. Helping teams through stages – how a team leader can support a team’s development. Activities to help build your team What makes an effective team? – the building blocks of an effective team. Team building events – different types of events you could try to develop your team in a non profit organisation. Team planning exercise – this is a simple way to involve all team members in planning the team’s work and sharing out the workload. The cohesive team cycle – five steps to building cohesive teams – a KnowHow online training course.

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