Developing strategic options

A vital step in strategy development is about taking all of the ideas emerging from the analysis, weighing them up, and making some decisions about your course of action to achieve the vision and mission. Whilst there are some tools to help, some of this activity is about using your experience, taking a ‘punt’, having the strength of mind to go for it. Safely! The strategic plan Your non profit organisation’s strategic plan shows you know the direction in which you are heading and how to get there. SWOT analysis A really useful tool to help collect together all of your thinking from your external analysis of opportunities and threats and your internal analysis of strengths and weaknesses. SWOT’ing a PEST Using a combination of these two useful strategy tools to develop some strategic options. Decision-making matrix Sometimes deciding between strategic options is really tough. This matrix can help you weigh up different strategic options to make an informed, objective decision. Cost benefit analysis Considering both elements is an important part of decision making.

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