MOPAC – Community seed fund

MOPAC – Community seed fund 2018-06-04T14:42:31+00:00

The MOPAC bid is designed to bring together five local groups from Croydon to participate in a 12 month training programme which will,

  • Tackle the key issues regarding Serious Youth Violence in Croydon
  • Supporting groups to improve the development of their services, business acumen, fundraising, networking which will lead to them adopting sustainable models to continue their work after funding ends.

The time frame will be over 10 months (May 2018 – March 2019)

Another Night Of Sisterhood is a female led community
organisation that looks to support
primarily women and young people through peer learning, informal
education, group therapy, community awareness initiative, joint enterprise working, floating family support and one-to-one sessions.

Jam Total Sport provides a range of programmes including dance,
athletics, personal training,Muay Thai to help build confidence, to raise self esteem and to help
motivate and inspire young people.

The lions society develop new services and treatment options for young boys to help improve
outcomes for those with substance misuse and related issues. Person—centred misuse and related issues.
Person—centred interventions are delivered at every contact, ensuring all people accessing the services are cared for safely and are safeguarded from abuse.
Support to re– settle and flourish in society, including access to housing, employment and training opportunities.

Music Relief provide music and art shops for young people aged 11—19 years, training and empowering them.
This includes 
ambassadorship program, peer mentoring, song writing, vocal training and music workshop and community outreach work.
A not for profit youth organisation that uses music therapy to unleash the creative spirits of young people.
Using music as the vehicle 
to address issues that affect young people such as teenage pregnancy , mental health, gang activities, youth crime, domestic abuse, trafficking and much more.

Rising stars is a martial arts support system.
Supporting young people in careers and fitness in a fun and effective way.