What We do

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Core Services

Empowering Communities: Working to empower Croydon’s BME communities to contribute towards policy development and decision making in order to ensure equal access to services as well as development of culturally sensitive services.

Building Community: Empowering BME voluntary and community sector organisations; and social enterprises in developing their people, systems and structures so that they are better able to deliver quality services to their users

Equality and Cohesion: Building Bridges within and between communities and providing a strategic equality function in Croydon within the framework of the Equality Act 2010 and Croydon Strategic Partnership.


How our members are involved in what we do

Our BME community members play a central role in decision making processes around policy, service development and delivery in Croydon by taking part in our thematic groups.  These are:

Community Safety: working with community safety agencies to address community safety issues and develop strategies to eliminate incidences of racial harassment and crime.

Education: works in partnership with schools, parents/guardians, local education statutory and community based education providers to improve education outcomes for BME children.

Enterprise & Employment: working with local statutory, voluntary and national organisations to address unemployment rates, pay and employment discrimination and improve work and enterprise opportunities for BME communities.

Health & Wellbeing: to provide an opportunity for BME communities to have an input into addressing health and wellbeing issues that will feed into future health and wellbeing strategies.