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Croydon Celebrates Black History: History For Tomorrow

Croydon BME Forum will provide FREE venue for Black History Month activities during the month of October (until Friday 31 October). For all ages.  Individuals or organisations who are interested in organising events should contact Nadine, telephone 020 8684 3719 or email:

The theme in Crbhmoydon this year will be: ‘Croydon Celebrates Black History: History for Tomorrow’.

Croydon celebrates Black History by: 

  • remembering people, places and events from the African Diaspora that have made an historical impact;
  • profiling those who are making history today
  • documenting or preserving this heritage to pass on to future generations, with a reference to local history
  • profiling the traditions communities through stories, festivals, crafts, dance and costumes to enhance cultural understanding and appreciation
  • Croydon celebrates black history all year by highlighting events and activities for all the community to enjoy.  This year’s theme also profiles those who are making history today and this is reflected in the events taking place.

The programme is available for download or you can obtain a paper copy from any Croydon Library. Click here to download the full programme.

  • This includes opportunities to discover historical events through thought provoking discussions, performance, music, storytelling and songs. Many events are free and all take place in Croydon; we do hope there is something to interest to you.

     Some highlights include:

History, poetry & story reading, workshops and live performance featuring;

  • Rupert Colley Black History talk
  • Many discussions about topical issues
  • History of Business & Enterprise in the UK Caribbean and African Communities
  • In Celebration of our Culture
  • Michael D’Souza aka Rastamouse
  • Richard Neville

For more information contact: 0208 726 6000 ext 63311 or email:


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