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Getting started in governance

Having a good understanding of governance is key to the successful operation of any organisation.  This section provides you with all the essential information you will need. Governance basics An introduction to governance An introduction to the important area of governance and its role within your organisation. What is a board? Definition of charity trustee board. What is a trustee? What is a trustee, what are the main duties and roles and who can be a trustee. Practical priorities for the non profit board Failure to deal with the essentials can create practical problems in the running of your charity or non profit organisation. Clarity about purpose and strategy A good board shares the leadership and direction of an organisation by ensuring there is a clear framework for its work. Taking decisions and getting work done Agreeing on who has the right to make which decisions in your non profit organisation and how exactly the decisions should be made. People: recruiting and managing staff and volunteers The governing body must ensure it has the appropriate policies and processes in place to support and manage staff and volunteers. Resolving conflict within the board How mediation can help resolve board-level conflict. Managing risk Identifying and managing risk is a key charity or non profit board responsibility. Financial responsibilities of the board An explanation of the key financial responsibilities held by the board in a non profit organisation. Funding: The role of the board The range of different funding sources that the governing body needs to consider. Responsibilities of trustees and board members Being a charity trustee or non profit board member is a great opportunity to serve your community and help bring about change. It’s a rewarding and important job; with it come certain responsibilities. If you fail to carry out your duties you can be held to account and in rare cases taken to court. In this section you will find information on: The responsibilities of charity trustees The legal responsibilities of charity trustees. The responsibilities of company directors The duties, responsibilities and legal requirements involved in being a company director. You can find out more about trustees in our Trustees section:   Become a trustee   Trustee induction  Find a trustee Further help and advice Why not try the KnowHow ‘Governance’ online training course?  


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