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Our Thematic Groups

Our Thematic Groups 2018-02-15T16:51:29+00:00

We are progressing rapidly in establishing clear routes for BME communities to engage in policy and decision-making in Croydon and the Thematic Groups are one of the key vehicles through which we can work together to achieve the impact we seek.

The five thematic groups are part of our structure and they aim to:

  • Bring groups and individuals with expertise or interest in a theme together
  • Provide a space for strategic look at key issues and priorities
  • Promote joint-working to better identify and meet the needs.


Housing and Environment

Employment and Local Economy

Health and  Social Care

Community  Safety


Benefits to you

  • Networking opportunity
  • More funding through joint bidding
  • Mechanism for consultation
  • Direct contact with Policy Makers
  • Greater influence over local decision making processes
  • Better services


For more information on how to join one of our groups  please : Email or call 020 8684 3719 to enquire.