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Croydon BME Forum work’s hard to establish and maintain positive working relationships with all stakeholders to provide an all round quality service. We achieve this by having strong, visible management structures and working in a warm, friendly, accountable and professional way.

_Go #knifefree

99% of young people in England and Wales live knife free. And, while those that carry often claim to do it to feel safer, carrying a knife can get you into dangerous situations.

Even if you can avoid the violence, there are severe emotional, personal and legal consequences that can come from knife carrying. This site will help you get information on knife carrying, its effects, and how to make the right decisions.
If you carry a knife, it’s never too late to make a positive change in your life. Going knife free takes courage, but the benefits are real. Join the millions of young people who live knife free.
If you’ve considered carrying a knife – or are already carrying – there are things you need to think about. While some people and places make you feel like you need to carry, it’s never worth it.

Your future is in your hands. What do you choose to do with it? Who do you choose to be?

#Chooseyourfuture unites Croydon against serious youth violence and supports young people to make positive choices and be successful.

With 93,000 young people living in Croydon (that’s one-fifth of the population) the choices they have and what they choose to do matter to everyone.

The Choose your future campaign aims to:

  • Support young people in avoiding the poor decisions that could ruin their lives.
  • Unite Croydon in helping young people build successful futures.

Croydon BME Forum is leading the way in the local community against serious youth violence. In partnership with Croydon Council, Police and other stakeholders, the Forum meets every six weeks to discuss issues in Croydon and to plan strategies and solutions around SYV.

If you would like to be part of the solution please give us a call or email us.

Telephone: 02086843719 ask for Andrew Brown
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