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Mental Health Week

Croydon BME Forum hosted a series of Mental Health Awareness workshop over the course of two weeks.

Mental Health Awareness Week took place from 18-24 May 2020. Since March 23 rd the whole country has been on lockdown, and the isolationand the many loss of lives within the UK has had a devastating impact on the community as a whole. This was an opportunity to share ideas, and find comfort and gain understanding as they share stories of healing and hope.
Please see below a list of the Mental Health Awareness Week Workshops:

Mental Health Discussion

A discussion workshop on the challenges and changes we have had to make as a result of the lockdown and how this has impacted on our mental health

How to improve your brainpower

Join this fun session and get some tips on how you can boost your brain and improve your mood

Mindfulness Session

‘Taking time out to discuss strategies to maintain our mental wellbeing, and coping with stress during isolation. How to keep our minds focused to avoid feeling overwhelmed.’

Dementia Awareness

What are the challenges that people with dementia have to face? How can we make our community more dementia friendly? Join our Dementia Friends Information session and learn how you can turn your understanding into action.

Fathers Forum Workshop

How has Covid19 been for you whilst working at home?
How do you manage attending to your child whilst working at home?
If you’ve arranged contact, how has it affected you since places have been closed?
How do you keep up with home schooling and work?

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Understanding depression and anxiety, explores the causes of these mental health issues, with a particular focus on stress. You will consider some risk and causal factors for some depression and anxiety disorders, and learn about the biology and psychology behind them.

Compassion Fatigue

What is Compassion Fatigue, what are the symptoms and the solutions to keep healthy and safe while supporting members of your family and friends. Bereavement and loss impact on Mental Health during lockdown This workshop looks at how the unexpected death of a loved one can affect your mental health in the forms of anxiety, mood and a lot more. Also how do we support ourselves and others in these times?

Trauma Training

We will be addressing how trauma affects the physical emotional and social development of human (Children and adult). In order to minimise the trauma we need to respond appropriately using trauma informed practices. Trauma not only affects the individual, but whole communities, nations, and the global community.

Sleep Deprivation and the Impact on Mental Health

The sleep workshop will look at the reasons for the lack of sleep and introduce techniques and healthy habits. The workshop will also promote tips and solutions to increase energy levels after a sleepless night.

Stress on the body

Two Local Lads will facilitate an online session for men exploring the impact of stress on the body and how it can be managed. Participants will be exposed to common causes of stress, warning signs of rising stress levels, mechanisms for reducing feelings of stress and an awareness of accessible free local support that is available in Croydon.

Lockdown and Anxiety

This is an open discussion around people’s experiences of anxiety during lockdown. With exploration into the practical steps we can take to manage anxiety and depression.

Cook with me by Norville

Healthy delicious two course meal to support your adrenals and cortisol hormones when you are suffering from stress and anxiety.

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